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Never had the pills

I want my money back I never had anything

Waited to long to try these.

I have had fatigue issues for more than 20 years . I heard about desiccated liver years ago but never knew about the actual benefits. I knew that liver was healthy to eat, but I could never get myself to eat it. I had it fed to After reading customer recommendations to start slow, I began with 1 pill twice a day. I felt more energy almost immediatly.

Very Potent Stuff !!!!

Very effective for male potency and raising testosterone levels !!!!

Worth Every Penny

A great product that brings quality and results to the table.

It works!!

I feel the energy this is giving me.

Great value for a product that really works

This Tongkat Ali has been clinically tested and has been shown to support better stamina and energy and is a great pre and post-workout supplement. I highly recommend!

Good buy

These are good

Noticed a difference

A bit expensive

Added to my daily supplements

This works as described and IÔÇÖll be adding this to my daily supplements until the world collapses and I canÔÇÖt buy them anymore

Energy out the Wazoo!!!

Been dragging butt for the past few months and someone recommended this to me. I am a total skeptic about herbs, supplements, or any other potion that is supposed to improve your life. I went in a non-believer, but after a week of taking these I find I have DRAMATIC IMPROVEMENTS in my energy levels. I buy a LOT off amazon but have only written a handful of reviews. This was worthy of a 5 Star review!!! Highly highly highly recommended!!

Noticeable Muscle Development

My body has never looked or felt better, and I owe it all to these supplements!!


Works better then expected! Great product!

Good product

Good product, its just a little expensive


This product is awesome, I highly recommend it!

This stuff is legit! Do your research when buying Tongkat Ali

If your looking for real Tongkat Ali, I would highly recommend trying Akarli Tongkat-Ali. This is a standardized Tongkat Ali, so you know you are getting a product with the claimed potency each time you order.

Benefit my nails!

Love this supplement and enjoying stronger nails and more energy!

Easy on the stomach, no bad after taste

Best iron supplement you can find. Iron supplements are difficult to absorb and cause discomfort but I dont get any of that from the Wellness Primal Beef Liver Plus.

Very effective

Within the first week I felt a difference. My alertness and overall energy levels were up. It was a great feeling and I'm glad I gave this product a try.

Amazing product

I just had the best weightlifting session of my life. Will continue to purchase.

Good for me

Arrived well packed and quickly. I have been pleased with this product.

Might not increase your testosterone, BUT

This supplement uses the patented "Physta" tongkat ali extract. There have been 26 clinical trials and publications for the specific Physta extract that this product uses - so it is safe to safe this is probably the single most research based tongkat supplement on the market.The capsules are 200mg each, and the doses used in research on Physta ranged from 100 to 400mg, so this product definitely provides a therapeutic dose.Tongkat ali is regularly touted as a testosterone boosting supplement, but even the Physta extract studies haven't consistently shown it is effective for T. The most promising study used 200mg a day and noted a 44% boost in free testosterone. But another Physta study used 300mg a day with healthy males and noticed no change in testosterone levels (but it did notice significant strength gains).The research consistently demonstrates increases in mood, energy levels, muscle strength, and muscle mass. Tongkat definitely promotes vitality, and the majority of the studies showed some increase in T levels, but there are a lot of real benefits to be had even if it doesn't increase your testosterone. If an herb can increase my strength, mood, and physical performance - then I don't really care if it increases my T or not.So far, my gains in the gym seem to be coming easier since I started taking this, and I feel a little more drive and motivation on a day-to-day level. There is tons of research supporting this particular Physta extract, so I can absolutely recommend it. But also, there are a lot of 1 - 2% eurycomanone tongkat extracts out there. In theory, they should all work the same since eurycomanone is the active ingredient. But this specific product has the research supporting it, so I feel comfortable recommending it to anyone wanting a boost in strength, vitality, and potentially T.


This product will absolutely become part of my daily routine!

Helped my anemia

I am severely anemic and take two pills a day of tyeh Beef Liver and I feel healthier now and take this in the morning which makes me feel a bit stronger and less weak.

Excellent Tongkat Ali!

Excellent Tongkat Ali!

Research Backed

Every Ingredient

Pure & Natural

100% Organic

Just The Facts

Backed By Science

Honest Ingredients

Nothing Hidden